Christ Embassy Rwanda Hosts the Miracle Faith Seminar

Hundreds of people attended the assembly, eager for the opportunity to partake of the anointing and the wonder-working power of Jesus.

It ended up being a life-transforming event, and the people trooped into the site, all set to receive from God. A glorious praise and worship session commenced, with all the people building Beloved Pastor Chris up the religious charge in the atmosphere and worshipping God.

One of the past pupils of the Healing School, Dunamis Teta Myriam, shared of her healing after she suffered from herpes and pneumonia for a number of years. She described her experience as a distressing one, before her meeting with all the man of God, Pastor Chris. She’d inability to sleep, nausea, and continuous fever; her body grew feeble and continued to deteriorate until she came to the Healing school. Now, all of the symptoms are gone.

Pastor Louis Osademe, the host pastor, educated the Word with great unction, as he ministered to the sick demonstrating compassion and the grace of Christ. Many were healed in the name of Jesus, including a lady who started walking after Pastor Louis for the first time in FIVE years and received strength.

Many additionally received redemption and were filled with the Holy Ghost. Their lives are changed forever as well as the impact of the Miracle Faith Seminar in the lives of individuals of Rwanda has only just started.

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