An Outpouring of Miracles in Port Louis, Mauritius

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Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, hosted the Miracle Faith Seminar of the Healing School for 2 magnificent days. Over a thousand people were wrapped up in an atmosphere that was supercharged with the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit.

The program was characterized by heart-felt worship, faith-stirring testimonies and inspiring ministrations of the Word and the anointing. It was an avalanche of the extraordinary as the power of God was manifested mightily through the great miracles that were wrought. Some attendees who experienced the divine touch of God share their experiences below.

“I came to the Miracle Faith Seminar unable to walk properly and I had to use a walking stick. Also, I felt so much pain all over my body. After the pastor prayed for me on the first day, I was healed and I came for the second day unassisted; I can now walk without a stick.” Praise God! – Anick Doorgah

“My name is Marie, and for 20 years I suffered severe pain in my right hand; it had gotten so bad that I could no longer lift the hand. When the pastor prayed for me, the pain left; I was healed completely; I can now lift my hand. I was also healed of intermittent headaches. Thank you Jesus!” – Marie Lourdes Jamac

“One of my legs used to be shorter than the other and my tongue was always hung out of my mouth. At the Seminar, I got healed; my legs are now equal and I have regained control of my tongue to place it in the normal position.”- Anoop Casigna

As the call for salvation was made, hundreds of souls responded and were turned from darkness to the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.

More of God’s unending love will be expressed through immeasurable ways at the upcoming 2017 Healing School Autumn Session.

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