Blood Donor Day Sponsored by Pastor Chris

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The worldwide annual blood donation day, taking place on June 14th, aims to inspire people from all around the world to comprehend the importance of blood donation and invite them to partake in blood drives globally. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy made it his mission to arrange a massive blood drive for people around Lagos, Nigeria, at the Trauma Care International Foundation. It’s so evident during his philanthropic work towards communities around Africa that his heart is with those that are in need of additional care.

It has been proven that the results of blood drives are important in the improvement of people’s health. There is nothing more essential than donating blood to those that are in dire need of it, so as to save their lives. Every little bit helps. The assignment of the Trauma Care International Foundation is to help in the healing process of those needing and raise the life expectancy of the population it serves. The foundation helps distribute the upmost care and emergency response services during times of crisis. What’s more, it is important to note that all services supplied are subsidized by the foundation and are free for those who are financially incapable. This reduces the amount of stress that’s already placed on the individuals who are in need of immediate care. Injuries can vary from accidents, to illness, to continuing health deficiencies.

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The foundation has been blessed with the maximum quality of health instruction and arranges community based programs that advise individuals about the significance of the First Aid and an awareness of the proper trauma care people deserve. Additionally, thousands of security and emergency training sessions, including students, law enforcement officials, educators, caregivers, and public service employees, have been executed, in order to boost the sessions. The training sessions are included of particular lectures and simulations which are made to additional highlight the importance of emergency maintenance.

Pastor Chris and the entire Christ Embassy happen to be in the forefront at the institution of the Trauma Care International and has made it his goal to arrange events which help people gain an awareness of the need of blood donation. He has also donated tons of equipment to help increase the health status of communities in desired across Africa. The Christ Embassy supports humanitarian aid, and it has made a growing impact on the lifestyles of people in need. We pray that the lives of the ones touched are lucky and they reach complete recovery.

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