A Daily Prayer with Pastor Chris

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Praying to the Lord on a daily basis is what many Christians Believe  Keeps them near the Lord. There are a number of ways to pray, every valid on its own virtues, however there’s nothing like talking the words of the Holy Bible when talking about the Almighty. That is why Rhapsody of Realities, a version of the Bible that includes religious guidance and commentary in the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is this a wonderful option. Millions across the globe have obtained free online and printed copies and today have combined one of the biggest Evangelical churches on earth: Christ Embassy Church.

 Praying and Leaning

I’m born of the Word, therefore, my origin is divine. I have overcome The world and its own failures, corruption, hatred, decadence, and limitations. I reign victoriously over circumstances because Christ is in me.  That is my assurance of a lifetime of ever-increasing attractiveness and eternal riches. In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.


The Word doesn’t say:”you will overcome if you pray hard enough”. The Only criterion is to be born of God and you automatically have power on every crisis and dominion over conditions.

Distressing situations may come in the enemy–the devil, but in Christ, you’ve been left victorious. He overcame the world and Gave us the victory, the power to subdue this entire world. That is what John Affirms in our opening verse. The term,”overcometh” means to possess  Victory, to subdue, conquer, and to prevail .  You’ve subdued, Tamed and conquered the elements of the world.

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