Pastor Chris gathers Believers LoveWorld at the stadium in Wembley

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Countless believers, religious leaders, pastors and partners of Believers LoveWorld gathered in the stadium, filling every seat of the venue in Wembley. The organization expressed they were pleased with the presence since it was on exactly the same weekend since the 2018 World Cup matches. It seemed that believers  preferred to spend their time at the presence of the Man of God, instead of keep up with the soccer trends.

Chris Oyakhilome declared that 2018 would be “The Year of the Supernatural” and thus, it would be quite crucial for all the believers.

The tens of thousands of partners and leaders   A few of the pastors who attended also expressed how defeated were they from the energetic environment in the scene as well as also the”memorable” participation and ministry of the Man of God in the two-days conference.

Before And during the conference, Pastor Chris expressed how happy he was and said words of encouragement for more leaders and pastors to join his ministry and also the Embassy for prospective events and conventions.

Furthermore, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said he came to London for this summit to further spread the word of God with everyone who attended and expected he can catapult everyone to “a new pedestal of faith.”

The closed-door event was declared as a success and the embassy and everybody who engaged in the organization of the seminar said that it  Was made to create”a glorious demonstration of the Spirit of God  Through instruction, prophecies, miracles would affect leaders and spouses  From the BLW Ministry, for the larger works to be accomplished.”

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