August 2018 session of the Healing School Initiated

Initiated the August 2018 session of Chris Oyakhilome‘s Healing School. The August session runs till August 27, 2018, also is Absolutely at no cost. The only real requirement to attend is evidence of a Evidence can come in many kinds.



Auditorium of August 2018 Healing School Session with Pastor Chris

Curing School have observed many drop their healthcare equipment. Pupils Have climbed from wheelchairs, fell walking canes and thrown off medicines. Encouraged to bring secondary signs of a bodily disease or illness In the kind of those medical devices. The shedding of those medical Apparatus is a moment of pleasure for the audience as pupils are treated. Pupils from each continent were awarded help Entering the nation of Nigeria so as to attend the session. Pupils Other European nations are visa-exempt from entry requirements in Nigeria. Residents of other nations aren’t as lucky. That is why the Assist them clean visa requirements in the border. The Healing School also helped pupils find cheap accommodation in the area. The school’s site has led tens of thousands of attendees Dozens of cheap hotels in Lagos. The Site also helped pupils To understand that the Nigerian money and credit card usage for their own stay.

Has gained worldwide acclaim for becoming a potent faith healer. His Chris,” was seen by millions. The television program can be obtained Via satellite and lots of cable subscriptions. Portions of this program can Also be viewed online where audiences are treated to healing wonders. Pastor Chris has improved his standing through testimonials. Many Viewers of the television program claim to have been cured by just Other testimonials are somewhat more persuasive. A Footballer from the title of Prince Enefiok stood on stage in the August Session to assert the warrior healed his wounds Which Were sustained In an auto collision. His wounds sidelined him out of his favored Game but he claims he can play after being cured from the His Healing School. The warrior takes it a step farther. He ensures memorable moments That will violate the bonds of disease if they are chronic or severe. He asserts that pupils will be uplifted and that weights will likely soon be drop. Many students claim to sense a revived hope and a recovery of faith

Pupils are under Strict needs to attend five hours of classes every day. The courses Begin at 9:00 a.m. and are divided with a one-hour lunch break. Pupils will also be required to attend at least 18 times of courses that Include three or more Mondays. Church can be necessary at 9:00 a.m. Each Sunday morning. The best to extend invitations to get a longer stay for the Healing process to occur completely.

The Healing School of Chris Oyakhilome

The Healing college has pledged his dedication to carrying celestial healing across boundaries. This healing ministry handled by warrior Chris Oyakhilome was first founded in South Africa. Annually since its foundation the healing school has held a few healing sessions in Johannesburg South Africa in addition to Toronto, Canada.

Ministers from throughout the globe have come to the healing school throughout the minister’s visitation program that’s allowed them the unbelievable chance to observe the miraculous functions the spirit that have happened within this system.

In Fact, this has been able to reach millions around the world with the help of this new flagship TV program “Enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris.”

They Now still have posts and testimonies available on their site with the intention of helping reach millions more.

All Of this is possible thanks to the devotion of Pastor Chris who is the president of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and Christ Embassy. He believes himself the messenger of God along with his unique deliverance of the gospel of Jesus Christ has lasted to permit dynamic and distinctive global ministry. Pastor Chris has served as a pastor-teacher healing ministry and tv host as well as a bestselling writer, and through all these places, it’s simple to see his unquenchable urge to help people all over the world. Together with God’s presence shown in his ministry that the divine commission was focused for over 30 years.

In his teaching ministry has been created with the vision of permitting men and women around the world to have access to the knowledge of the divine life which Jesus Christ made possible. Pastor Chris has enabled countless live the victorious and purposeful life God meant for them. This instruction ministry is across all continents and is assisted to construct the religion in the hearts of individuals across the globe by supplying divide insight to the virtues and integrity of Christian life. These teachings are available in both video and audio formats.

Another Now Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has allowed hundreds of people to be the recipients of therapeutic gifts throughout the operation of their divine spirit with hopes of producing better states of well-being for his disciples.

Pastor Chris is also a very talented writer and happens to be a best-selling writer with one of his books the Rhapsody of Realities rated as the world’s number one daily devotional. Having been distributed throughout the globe and more than 900 languages and over 500 million copies sold worldwide as of 2018.

Pastor That was launched first in 2003. He started the initial 24-hour Christian satellite Network paving the street for more than five satellite stations around the globe. Through this medium pastor, Chris has been able to reach millions of individuals in Quite a few nations. He has helped to disperse the Gorgeous message of salvation And is continuing to transform lives. It’s through this medium He hosts His fantastic app Atmosphere for Miracles, that has been aired from the United States, the Uk, Asia, Europe and many other nations Around the globe. This a daily broadcasting has helped to attract God’s celestial Presence into the lives of countless people around the world.

How to Save a Marriage by Pastor Chris

Once the process had been completed, Anita completely pulled from the Christ Embassy church. According to Pastor Chris, the only way to assist Reverend Anita is with prayers. He believes being the spouse of a man of God will not make anyone instantly mature. He knows mistakes may nevertheless be made, and in this case these errors caused the marriage to end prematurely.

As Debate about divorce has been happening for an incredibly long time. Some people today believe when a marriage is not working, and beyond repair, the person ought to be permitted to leave the marriage once it will become clear the marriage cannot be saved. Other people think that a marriage is meant to continue until finished by death, and it must be permitted to last until this moment.

In addition, he understands the frivolous charges and dumb writing don’t define him. He has never been accused of most of what’s been written, and he did not do what he’s been unjustly accused of.

Wavered for more than thirty years. Despite Commission, and he has dedicated his life to serving God. The focus of Pastor Chris was sent by God to utilize his commitment and enthusiasm to minister the gospel. Pastor Chris is a lot of things to millions of individuals. He’s a pastor, a teacher, a TV host, a therapeutic minister, and also the writer of a best selling daily devotional.

Chris radiates his fire Daily in his desire to achieve all of the planet’s into the beliefs of the Christ Embassy a divorce should never happen during the Christmas period. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has taken the time to truly clarify his private thoughts about divorce, along with the unlucky end of his union. Divorce is an extremely confusing issue for all religions, along with the Christian faith is no exception.

Individuals with the manifested presence of God. Pastor Chris has been gifted with a celestial power. The unfortunate split from his wife earlier in the year left Pastor Chris Oyakhilome thoughtful. Despite this he believes a union is intended to last forever. This is the message he would like to deliver to the individuals who follow the Christ Embassy, where he is the founder. The husband would be the male partner in the marriage, but the female partner must believe and cooperate also if the marriage is to last.

According to the reports of PM News, the Christ Embassy doesn’t believe in divorce, but most especially during the Christmas season. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome feels that the blame for his unfortunate divorce rests with his ex-wife Anita. He explained that he does not believe Christians ought to divorce, but sometimes this is a step that must be taken. Sometimes there’s simply no other choice. Pastor Chris also made it incredibly clear taking this step does not signify that it is ideal. He doesn’t feel people should have to go to the courts, but he understands this can happen anyhow. The situation must just be treated to the top of their persons ability.



The successful mission of Rhapsody of Realities in reaching the nations


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About the ministry

Rhapsody of Realities is one of the most successful ministries in the Christian mission today. Started by Chris Oyakhilome as a means of reaching people throughout the world, the ministry has been very effective in the distribution of literature and reaching out to different people throughout the world. The ministry does not only focus on the people around Nigeria and Africa, but it also goes across the borders to the United States and Europe. The works of the people involved have been very successful as new targets are set every day, and new souls are reached.

Asking the people to come in support

The work which the ministry handles require a lot of input. With their strategies in place, there is a chance that several other people may not still be reached. For this reason, the ministry is inviting the people who have been reached to extend a helping hand. People must not come in physical support of the work, but they can buy an extra book and give to the others. Some people may be having a busy schedule. These people may be willing to support the works of the ministry through donations and sponsoring other functions. The world can participate in the good works of winning souls to Christ. The people desiring good to the public must not be locked out as the ministry welcomes them all.

Addressing people of other languages

With the extent of education, people have different skills and capabilities. Currently, the levels of education have enabled people to understand and speak a variety of languages. Since the ministry is involved in reaching people with a variety of languages and cultures, people with such skills can help in the translation process. Currently, the publications of the ministries have been translated into 806 different languages. These translations have been done by people of good will from all across the world. European and most African countries have greatly benefited from such voluntary works. Since the ministry is eyeing more languages, more people from around the globe are invited to bring their skills to further the gospel.

The progress made by the ministry

Rhapsody of Realities has currently reached several countries throughout the world. The numbers of these countries are about 250, and the process is continuing. In the coming years, the ministry has a target of reaching all the countries in the world without leaving a single one out. The 250 countries reached have access to hard copy documents which they can read when there is a need. The ministry has come up with a system where there are representatives from different locations so that many people can be reached.

The importance of Chris Oyakhilome in the ministry

The Rhapsody ministry would not have existed without the input of Pastor Chris. Having started his Christ Embassy church, Chris has ensured that the numbers of people attending his services are constantly increasing. He felt the need to reach people all over the world with his message of an existing savior. After engaging different people around the world, the pastor noticed that people have a chance to meet their savior but a forum has not been created. People were hungering for truth and peace that comes with accepting Christ as a personal savior. Through his church, the pastor came up with different ministries where he Rhapsody was a part. The ministry has reached lots of people, and many souls have been brought to Christ through the reading materials. Pastor Chris has been influential both in writing the devotional materials and giving out financial support to the ministry to spread the word. His influence in the gospel has realized much fruits.


LoveWorldUSA Hosting the August Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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The brand new addition to the bouquet LoveWorldUSA, of networks of the BLW Nation, launched on July 1st, bringing the existence and power of the Spirit into the homes of millions throughout the United States. Through a strategic partnership between the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, and renowned healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, many are being exposed to an entirely new experience of Christian television.
From the LoveWorldUSA Studio in California, the BLW President will be broadcasting the August 2017 edition of the Global Communion Service in less than 24 hours. This special air, expected to feature Sinach LMAM artistes, Martin PK and much more, will be the first time an International Communion Service is streamed from the channel since its launch.
Last month has been declared ‘the Month of Expansion’ by Pastor Chris, and so it was, with testimonies from the ‘Vision 400’ evangelical mandate. Expectations are soaring eagerly anticipating the Spirit to be released in the lips of this man of God’s piloting word. Questions will definitely be answered, and wonders will take place all around the world.
Share your expectations for this service in the comment section below. Don’t forget be on the lookout for LIVE updates from the service tomorrow, and to share this post, on LoveWorld News.

About The International Easter Youth Camp With Pastor Chris

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans.The International Easter Youth Camp gives the participating youths a chance to see with the Healing School where they are transformed into enthusiastic ambassadors of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With excursions, special forums and exciting camp activities, youth from different countries interact with one another, fostering new friendships and inspiring each other to do more for the body of Christ, вhere the youth are full of a renewed passion to improve their world together with the Gospel, the high points of the Youth Camp contain amazing teaching and impartation assemblies with all the man of God, Pastor Chris.

How and when can I attend?

Ans.You are required to register through the following to attend:

(a) Send an email to

(b) Or call the following numbers: (and select the ‘REGISTER NOW’)

(c) Install the Healing School mobile app, click register and choose the appropriate categories

Pre -book and confirm your enrollment as available spaces are limited.

What’s the entrance fee, and what else do I require?

Ans. Once enrollment has been verified yet, youths that are participating will have to make their very own travel arrangements. Upon conclusion of travel plans, kindly send your trip itinerary to, so that we can make acceptable strategies for airport pickup and other logistics.

NB: For minors, parents/guardians might be asked handle communicating together with the IEYC Office and to make these arrangements. Minors will never be allowed to enter South Africa without a signed authorization letter out of their respective parents/guardians.

Depending on your own nation, you might be needed to procure a visa to travel to South Africa. For info on visa application, or to see whether your state is exempted for visa, kindly go to

How long am I designed to stay in the Camp?

Campers will undoubtedly be at the Youth Camp for 8 days, right from the start of the plan to the end. Additionally, kindly be informed that the youths will be expected to participate in all activities; including special sessions and meetings, sporting trips, events, interviews, cultural and educational programs, etc.